Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Huhne calls for greater effort in renewable heat development

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Energy secretary Chris Huhne has called for greater developments to be made in renewable heat technology.
Speaking to the Royal Geographic Society last week, he highlighted the need to tackle what is the UK's second biggest driver of energy demand after transport.

"More combined heat and power schemes, putting waste heat to better use. More district heating schemes [are needed]," he said.

"And more electric air and ground-source heat pumps, drawing warmth from the outside world to heat the indoors.

"Better insulation, smarter homes, and more efficient heating can help us cut our energy demand."

The minister noted that research from British Gas shows that homeowners who install energy efficiency measures cut their gas consumption by 44 per cent, showing that home improvements can be made and can be effective.

In addition, Mr Huhne said that electricity use could double by 2050 as the grid is used to heat homes and charge cars.

He stressed the need for low-carbon supply from renewable energy such as wind, wave, solar and micro-hydro power, as well as from nuclear and carbon capture and storage.