Monday, 21 November 2011

Code your milk and win a prize

It's not often we find something to chuckle about when it comes to landscape conservation but you have to take your hat off to this creative French farmer.  

Living in an area equivilant to an AONB known as a Parcs Naturels Régionaux but still needing to advertise his farmgate sales to passing traffic he found himself unable to put up advertising signage.  With a limited marketing budget he and a friend decided to put QR Codes on the cows! 

To add to this they divised a game for passers by to use these codes to complete a scratch card game; whereby if they reveal three cows they win some free products from the farm. Visits and sales have since risen dramatically.

You may watch a YouTube video on it here.   Félicitations Monsieur Le Béhoc!

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