Wednesday, 4 January 2012

CSE's PlanLoCaL project now features video resources section

Featuring a series of short films which range from around 4 to 12 minutes in length all of which support communities and groups who wish to set up community-scale renewable energy projects.
Ten of these are case studies of successful community energy projects. Other films cover the different renewable energy technologies, project management, funding, dealing with planning, consulting with the community, generating an income stream, re-investing your profits and heritage and landscape.
The films are designed to be watched in a communal setting and as an aid to stimulating discussion collective decision-making within communities. However, they've proved popular among people watching them in a less structured way as well.
The videos feature on a pair of DVDs which are part of the PlanLoCaL resource pack. They can also be viewed online at or on their YouTube channel.