Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Wiltshire Residents encouraged to Wash and Squash

Wiltshire residents are being encouraged to wash and squash their plastic bottles for national Recycle Week 2012 (June 18 to 24).

In May more than 200 tonnes of plastic bottles were collected from Wiltshire Council's blue lidded bins, on average this means four million of Wiltshire's plastic bottles are recycled each month.
To celebrate national Recycle Week 2012 Wiltshire Council is encouraging residents to use their blue lidded bin to recycle all shapes and sizes of plastic bottles. Milk, shampoo, bleach, shower gel, and even plastic bottles used outside in the garden or kept in the shed can be washed and squashed and dropped in the blue lidded bin.
Only plastic bottles can be recycled in the bins. If it doesn’t come with a lid or is not bottle shaped then it can’t go in. Other types of plastic which are marked with a 1, 2 or 3 can be taken to any of Wiltshire Council’s 11 Household Recycling Centres for recycling.

Plastic bottles and cardboard from blue lidded bins are taken to Calne where they are mechanically sorted. Any other plastics or films are removed by hand before the plastic bottles are manually separated from the cardboard. The plastic bottles are then recycled and used to make fences, bags, flooring, window frames, fleeces, fibre fillings and even more bottles.

For more information on reycling and collection dates visit the reycling page on the Wiltshire Council website. http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/rubbishrecycling.htm