Friday, 20 February 2015

be part of your Local Action Group

We’re getting started ….be part of your Local Action Group.

The proposed Northern Dorset Local Action Group (NDLAG) will be supported by Defra to distribute European Funding across North and East Dorset, and around Sherborne and Christchurch through the LEADER approach.  LEADER is a well established method of delivering rural development funds through community participation.  Unfortunately we cannot launch the programme or call for projects until after the General Election in May – but it is essential that the Local Action Group is ready to select the first projects for funding in the summer.  To do that we need local people to be part of the Local Action Group.

The Local Action Group relies on the experience and interest of its members.  We will work with you to ensure that you have the knowledge to support, develop and select projects that come forward for funding.  You will decide where financial support would make the most difference to the economic, social and environmental development of the LAG area.
Come along to one of the first meetings to find out how you can:
  • Register to join the Local Action Group and make a difference
  • Help identify and select strong projects from local communities, organisations and businesses applying for grants;
  • Offer advice and support to applicants at an early stage and assess the relevance of their proposals against our priorities;
  • Monitor the performance of the Local Action Group (LAG) and discuss each year’s priorities at the Annual Forum;
  • Stand for election to the LAG's Executive Committee - decision making powers are delegated to this Committee and elections will be held at our next meeting;
The meetings are:
If you are not able to book online contact Sarah Harbige 01305 228699 to book your place with a real person.  The meetings are the same so there is no need to attend both ... unless you really want to!

Contact Details:

Sarah Harbige
LEADER Programme Manager | Tel: 01305 228699 | Mob: 07825 072963
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