Monday, 1 August 2011

Southern Tree Warden Forum

Below is an invitation to the Tree Council's regional gathering which will be held at Wilton House this year. It is a great event and well worth attending. If you know anyone in your village who is particularly keen on conserving trees and woodlands, or you have been trying to get someone to champion the trees and hedgerows, then please pass this on to them. If you are lucky enough to already have a tree warden in your community, please make sure that they have heard about this event.
Southern Tree Warden Forum

Sunday 18th September 2011
Michael Herbert Hall, South Street, Wilton, Nr Salisbury SP2 0JS

2011 is the International Year of the Forest, so this year’s forum will look at The Forest Where You Live

We tend to think of forests as large areas of trees, but in towns, villages and cities the ‘forest’ is composed of single trees and small clumps, in our streets, parks and gardens – the ‘Urban Forest’.

In this forum we will look at this ‘forest’, its immense value to society and the environment, and the importance of making every tree matter. We shall also look at Defra’s ‘Big Tree Plant’ and the opportunities for funding that this new national initiative offers. Also covered will be the practical difficulties of getting new trees established in the Urban Forest and ensuring they thrive.

Talks will include
The Forest Where You Live
Right tree, Right place
The Big Tree Plant – Getting the Money
Local Community Tree Planting Projects

Speakers include
Keith Sacre – Barchams
Bill Ayres – Ayers Forestry for Wilton Estate

Afternoon Workshops in Wilton House Grounds
Choosing the right tree for the right place
Considering the landscape when you plant

10:00 Doors open
10:30 Welcome – Wiltshire Council and Pauline Buchanan Black, The Tree Council
10:40 The Forest Where You Live – Keith Sacre, Barchams
11:20 Comfort Break
11:35 Right Tree, Right Place – Bill Ayers, Ayers Forestry, Woodland Consultant for Wilton Estate
12:05 The Big Tree Plant – Getting the Money, Groundwork/Forestry Commission
12:35 Wiltshire Traditional Orchards
12:45 Review of the Tree Year – Jon Stokes, The Tree Council
13:05 Lunch and discussion with the Big Tree Plant Fund
14:15 Workshops – Transfer to the grounds of Wilton House

The afternoon sessions will take place during a tour of the public and private areas of Wilton House grounds.
Cost is £15 per person inclusive of lunch and other refreshments.
Closing date for registration is Friday 2nd September
Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment

Contact: The Tree Council, 71 Newcomen Street, London SE1 1YT
Tel 020 7407 9992